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Music Lessons with Scarlett LiRocchi: 


Employment: Danman's Music School since 2022

Instruments: Beginner Acoustic guitar, Beginner

Uke, Beginner Bass, Beginner Electric, beginner

piano and voice! 

Teaching Experience: Scarlet has been a teacher favorite her first year working here at Danmans.

Performing Experience: Has been preforming for school and church events since 2018. 

Recording Experience: Scarlet has an active Soundcloud with students who request to learn her music! She has been writing and recording her own music since 2019, released various singles throughout 2020-2021, solo EP "Nightcrawler" released 2021. 

Areas of Expertise: Songwriting, guitar basics, recording and creating music as an independent artist. 
Music Style:  Alternative pop, indie, folk

Short Term Goals: To successfully get my students off the ground with the instrument at hand and inspire them to never quit

Long Term Goals: To help my students discover their voice, style, and unique expression through playing and writing music no matter what level they're at.


Listen to Scarlett on..

To inquire about lessons with Scarlett call: 


  • Wix Facebook page
  • Wix Twitter page
  • Wix Google+ page

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