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Danman's History

Dan Lefler started Danman's Music School in 1987 as a young man who had a knack for collecting students. Self taught and fluent on multiple instruments, Dan got his performing career started by playing music festivals, art shows and volunteering at local community events and senior centers but always had a flair for teaching.

After winning a Dana Point talent show in 1988, Dan was invited to play a weekly music show at a local club called the Old Dana Point Cafe and Wine Bar which later became the Renaissance and is now called Stillwater.  Dan started out playing every Tuesday night but eventually he played weekend nights, sunday nights, Wednesday nights, Sunday brunches, just about every possible shift Dan played it for some length of time for 24 years until a broken arm in 2012 stopped his incredible run.

Over time Dan was able to produce a few cd's as well as put a few "gigs" under his belt. In 1999 Dan moved his teaching business into a building where it is located today.  24699 Del Prado, Dana Point, Ca. 92629


Map to Danman's Music School

A Detailed History of Danman's Music School

Founded 1987 by Dan Lefler
Located in Dana Point, California, USA.
Owned & Operated in 2013 by Dan Lefler

1987 Started Danman's Music School in Dana Point California, USA.
1987 - 1991 taught private lessons & gigged nightly
1988 Created musical cartoon characters "Danman" & "Clef"

1988 Began weekly gig performing at Dana Point Wine Bar & Cafe (Now called Stillwater)
1991 Moved to first retail location in Dana Point, Ca.
1992 Failed and went back to teaching private lessons and gigging nightly
1992 - 1998 Recorded 9 CD's of original and classic music themes
1992 - 2002 Averaged 300+ live performances per year
1999 Incorporated, added partners and moved into 2nd retail location
2001 Failed, dissolved partnership and went back to teaching private lessons & gigging nightly
2001 Had a dream and moved back into 2nd & present retail location
2002 Opened Danman's Music School - retail store
2005 Opened 2nd location to expand Danman's Music School for kids & adults
2006 Opened Danman's ProTools recording studio
2007 Opened Danman's Dance & Acting Studio
2007 Created Dana Point Children's Theater

2007 Recorded Crush
2008 Produced 8 Children's Theatrical Plays 
2009 Closed Danman's Dance & Acting Studio
2009 Closed Danman's Recording Studio
2009 Closed Dana Point Children's Theater
2010 Survived the Recession
2011 Completed our 22nd year!

2012 Completed our 60th Danman Kids Concert & Recital Program

2012 Dan Broke his arm which ended 24 year run of same weekly guitar-vocal gig at same restaurant in Dana Point

2013 Got hired as "Sound Guy" for Stillwater and I do the sound for the bands on Friday and Saturday nights.

2014 Entering our 25th year in business.

Danman's Music School Historical Fun Facts

1987 - 2013 Dan Lefler has performed at over 5,600+ live events 
1987 - 2013 Danman's Music has taught over 100,000 music lessons (est)
1997 - 2013 Danman's Music has produced over 7,000 pre-recorded video music lessons
1994 - 2013 Dan Lefler has programmed over 11,000 hours of code creating Danman's Music Library

2005 - 2014 Danman's YouTube Channel surpasses 14 million views and 12,500 subscribers


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