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Music Lessons

with Justine Ruiz

Bass, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Vocals, Drums, Banjo

Employment: Danman's Music School since 2013 
Instruments: Bass, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice, Violin, Drums, Banjo
Teaching Experience: 6 years
Performing Experience: Performs with bands regularly since age 11, World tour
Recording Experience: Couple CD's and some Studio Work
Areas of Expertise: Performance, Theory, Technique, Recording
Styles of music: Rock, Pop, Country, Classical
Short Term Goals: 
Long Term Goals: 

To inquire about lessons with Justine call 949-496-6556

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Paisley & Olive perform and sing "Hallelujah" with their teacher Justine Ruiz at a Danman Kids Concert at Stillwater on January 28, 2017.

Leah Cook sings and performs "In Memoriam" on guitar with her teacher Justine Ruiz at a Danman Kids Concert on January 28, 2017.