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I'm Dan Lefler from Danman's Music. Call or email me.   I can get you what you need.  I can drop it off and set it up for you too if you need.

Rent a Guitar.  Rent a Keyboard. Rent a Violin.  Rent a Clarinet. Rent a Flute.  Rent a PA System.
And more!

Include your phone number if you want a call back!

Rent a guitar, rent a piano, rent a keyboard, rent a violin, rent a clarinet, rent a cello, rent a viola, rent a flute, rent a drum kit, rent a sound guy, rent a PA system.


Rent for a day, a week.  Easy terms.  Easy pickup or we drop off!


Call 949-496-6556 to speak to a real live person.  During normal business hours... Monday thru Friday 10am till 8pm or Saturdays 10am till 6pm.

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