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Danman's Recital Program

Upcoming Recitals 


Danman's Music School hosts up to 8 Recitals per year for students and their family and friends.  


We do our recital program a little differently... we have the teacher accompany the student as they perform so its actually a Student-Teacher recital!


You can see past recital performance videos by going to our YouTube channel here, or you can see a few included on this page by watching the videos below.  You can also click on Our Teachers above to see videos of each teacher with some of their students.


Our Recital Prgram is open to students of all ages so its never to young or too old to begin.  We've had quite a few student-parent and brother-sister duos go through our program too.


All Student Recital performances are video taped and produced into a music video as you can see by the examples here. To check out more videos click here!



Danman student Lily Sanchez performs Sonata in C at a Danman Recital in 2015

Danman student Daisy Sellas performs Tiny Dancer at a Danman Recital in 2015

Danman students Max and Rocco Calandra perform Buddy Holly at a Danman Recital in 2015

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