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Music Lessonswith Billy Campbell


​Saxophone, Piano, Clarinet, Guitar, Drums, Bass & Ukulele

Billy has been an incredible staple for the brass instrument curriculum and teaching here at Danmans! Billy keeps the saxophone interesting by choosing fun, exciting, and modern songs. From the Mission Impossible theme song to classic band arrangments, Billy can play and teach just about anything! 


Billy always has a student featured in the Denman's showcase and often gets a live band to back up his students on their songs! Billy is a savage ping-pong player and a friendly musician. 


Although he's best known for the sax, Billy is also fluent in bass, guitar, drums, and ukulele. It's evident that Billy establishes a great connection with his students as they come year after year to continue lessons with him. 


If you're looking to level up your band game or take what you learn from band camp to a jamable level- this is your guy! 

To inquire about lessons with Billy call 949-496-6556

Billy Campbell

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