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Music Lessons

with Dan Lefler

Flute, Piano, Guitar

Employment: Danman's Music School since 1987
Instruments: Flute, Piano, Guitar
Teaching Experience: 25 years
Performing Experience: About 6,000 live performances
Recording Experience: 10 published CD's
Areas of Expertise: Performance, Theory, Reading
Styles of music: Classical, Rock, Pop, Contemporary
Shot Term Goals: Complete my Music School Online programming and bring to market
Long Term Goals: To enable my music school to survive and thrive long after I'm gone

To inquire about lessons with Dan call 949-496-6556

Dan Lefler and Andy Collari perform a "Drum and Flute Improv" at the Dec 2012 Danman Student-Teacher Recital. 

Dan Lefler accompanies his student Madison while she performs the song "Romanza" at a Danman Student-Teacher Recital in 2006

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