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10 Reasons Why Danman's is the right choice for music lessons for you or your child... 


1. Danman's specializes in music lessons and has been a designated Music School for over 20 years!  


2. Danman's has over 20 different music teachers on staff and has the widest range of lesson times available - Open 7 days a week!


3. Danman's has a proven track record and history of successful teaching curriculum.  Online music library included for all students and 2-4-1 Saturdays too!



4. Danman's includes a Recital Program with all our lesson programs and hosts 6 recitals per year.  Free to all students!


5. Danman's offers lessons in all styles of music and with over 20 teachers on staff has the right teacher for you or your child - Classical, Pop, Blues, Rock, Contemporary, and Jazz!


6. Danman's is convienently located in the heart of Dana Point and EASY parking and EASY drop-off and pick-up.  


7.  Danman's is located on the same premisis as the StillWater Restaurant which includes an outdoor patio/bar for easy waiting!  


8.  Danman's allows you to see your full accounting and lessons history & schedule online plus allows you to book and pay online too!  


9.  Danman's offers a comfortable yet profesional learning environment with 7 sound proofed teaching studios, 88 key piano/keyboards in every room and a friendly staff!  


10.  Danman's is owned and operated by its original founder, Dan Lefler, a music industry veteran with over 30 years experience and with 10 published music CD's to market!



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