Music Lessons

with Daisy Honeycutt

Guitar, Ukulele, Piano


Employment: Danman's Music School since 2019

Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele

Teaching Experience: 2 years

Performing Experience: Has performed at many differant events and gatherings for friends

Areas of Expertise: Possesing an advanced mindset for specific musical technique and then further passing that ability to my students
Music Style: Folk, Rock, Blues

Short Term Goals: To increase my knowledge of music and (the teaching of music) to the furthest extent possible

Long Term Goals: To bring my musical capabilities into fruition as a lifestyle, through teaching and learning

To inquire about lessons with Daisy call 949-496-6556

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Eva McNamara-Cruz performs "Bohemian Rhapsody" on piano with her teacher Grace Freeman.

Francesca Sanchez sings and performs "Fight Song" with her teacher Grace Freeman.