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To inquire about lessons with Zoe call 949-496-6556


Guitar, Voice, Drums, Ukulele, Piano + 
Bosnian coper tongue flute "East Reign"  

Teaching style includes the use of colors and sounds when learning music theory, especially for younger kids. Zoe can get kids reading drum theory before they can even read! Many older students end up learning a second instrument or songwriting. If you like singing and playing Taylor Swift this is the jam teacher for you! The best part is Zoe's multi-instrument ability. Once students learn a song they often enjoy having her back them on up drums, bass or guitar! 


Employment: Danman's Music School since 2023

Teaching Experience: 2 years

Performing Experience: Zoe Zehren has won performance of the year from her guitar vocal performance at SOAK University. Zoe toured with JSCH choir throughout Spain and Portugal with a solo performance in the US embassy. Zoe is the lead singer and guitarist for the all-girl band "Pun Intentions" as well as an alumni member of the Marquette Unviery choir. 


When not in music Zoe Zehren performs as an ESPN reporter and producer for live sports television. Zoe is the host on ESPN8 Slippery Stairs and more! She has been a radio host for KXFM in Laguna Beach and Planet X sports network. She is great with performing tactics, being in front of a camera or crowd. 


Music Style: Classical voice, singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar covers, and Taylor Swift 

Short Term Goals: To increase my knowledge of music and (the teaching of music) to the furthest extent possible. I'd like to learn the electric violin, and harmonica and get even gnarler on the drums!

Long Term Goals: To have my students get the solos they want, into the choir of their dreams, to be able to perform confidentially or to be able to fluidly play whatever song they desire for the rest of their lives. I hope my students get a well-rounded education and leave with the ability to explore what they know in creating music. "I also want to expand Arts For All as the CMO. I hope to increase the amount of students we are able to enroll." 

Favorite songs to teach:

Our Song - Taylor Swift 

What's Up - Four Non-Blondes 

Happier Than Ever-  Billie Ellish 

Island In the Sun 

Valorie Amy Winehouse

ARTS FOR ALL: Zoe Zehren is the CMO of the non-profit organization AFA. AFA gifts free one-on-one private music lessons to the in-need youth of California.  

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Music Lessons with Zöe Zehren

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