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Tips For Success

Over many years we have noticed a few things that  seem to help assure success for your music lessons investment.

Listed below are some tips for success for your budding musician

1. Provide a steady consistant lessons schedule of at least one lesson per week.

2. Provide a quality instrument for your child to practice on.

3. Provide a quiet, private place for your child to practice.

4. Provide a consistent practice schedule of at least 20 minutes each day.

5. Provide constant praise and interest in your child's progress.

6. Make sure your child attends Danman Recitals & kids concerts.

7. Provide incentives for your child to log their practice time and skills.

8. Make sure you ask your child to play for you frequently.

9. If possible, learn an accompanying instrument and do a recital with your kid.

If you apply the above things to the everyday world of your child, I guarantee you will begin to give them the foundations of that incredible phenomena called "The Mozart Effect".  Dan Lefler, Danman's Music School

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