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About Danman's Music School


Founded in 1987 by Daniel H Lefler.  


Danman's is located in the heart of Dana Point, California. There are 8 private teaching studios, a ProTools Recording Studio, and a small retail store! All of this is situated next door to Stillwater, a full service restaurant, bar and 7 night a week live music venue where Dan Lefler performs every Wednesday night (The Danimals) and has since 1987.

Danman's Music School sponsors 6 kids concerts each year. Each concert consists of 20-30 kids getting on stage and performing solo, duets, or in front of a backing band made up of students and instructors. Check out the past concert videos!

Boring Legal Stuff about Danman's: Danman's Music School is a corporation operating in California, USA. Danman's is located in Dana Point, California and has been at it's present location for 9 years. Danman's is a member of the Dana Point Chamber of Comerce. Danman's was founded by Dan Lefler in 1987.

Danman's Music School Historical Facts:

1987 Started Danman's Music Co. in Dana Point California, USA.
1987 - 1991 taught lessons in home & gigged nightly
1988 Created cartoon charactor "Danman" & "Clef" to host animated music lesson cartoons
1991 Moved to first retail location in Dana Point, Ca.
1992 Failed and moved back into home-based-business model
1992 - 1998 Recorded 8 CD's of original and classical music themes
1992 - 2000 Averaged 300+ live performances per year
1999 Incorporated, added partners and moved into 2nd retail location
2001 Failed, dissolved partnership and moved back into home-based-business
2001 Had a dream and moved back into present retail location
2002 Opened Danman's Music School for kids & adults
2003 Opened Danman's Music School Retail Store
2005 Opened upstairs building to expand Danman's Music School for kids & adults
2006 Opened Danman's ProTools recording studio

2007 Opened Danman's Dance & Children's Theater
2007 Created Dana Point Children's Theater & Music Co. A 501 C-3 Non Profit
2008 Produced and performed 6 different children's plays including "Annie", "Charlie Brown", "Grease"
2009 ?

More Danman's Music School Historical Fun Facts

1987 - 2006 Dan Lefler has performed at over 5,000 live events
1987 - 2006 Danman's Music has taught over 100,000 private lessons (est)
1997 - 2008 Danman's Music has produced over 7,000 pre-recorded video music lessons
1994 - 2008 Dan Lefler has programmed over 10,500 hours of time creating Danman's Music Library



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Monday-Thursday 10 am - 6;30 pm

Friday : 10am - 5pm

Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm

Sunday: Closed

In The



2019 Dates:

Rock Camp Week 1

June 10-14

Rock Camp Week 2

June 17-21

Vocal Camp

June 24-28

For more information about 2019 Rock Camp and Vocal Camp click here!


Want to try a new instrument? We have a wide variety of instruments for rent!

Guitar, Violin, Flute, Keyboard, Trumpet...etc!


Take lessons with your child, family member, or a friend.  Available for new students, applies to first 4 lessons.

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