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Guitar Repair


Jay runs our guitar repairs department.  Call us (949-496-6556) or come by during normal business hours.   We specialize in restrings, tune ups, setups, bridge, saddle and nut replacement, tuner replacement, appraisals, and we also buy guitars if you want to sell yours!

Jay the Guitar Repair Guy at Danmans


Hello!  I'm Jay and I run the repairs department here at Danmans.  I have been working here with Dan for over 10 years.  I can fix and repair most broken instruments.  If I can't I will let you know on the spot.  I can also give you an assessment of the condition of your instrument, if it's playable, and in most cases can give you a ball park figure on what your instrument might be worth.  Call or bring your instrument in during normal business hours and I can get you all set up.  


PS... I repair violins, violas, ukuleles, flutes, banjos, and most other string instruments.


 Repair Department:  949 496 6556.  Open 7 days a week.

Restrings - Setups - Repairs - Appraisals


Violin, guitar, ukulele, cello, viola, banjo, mandolin, flute, clarinet and most other instruments we can repair also.  As always your satisfaction is always guaranteed by Danmans!

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