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Monday-Thursday 10 am - 7 pm

Friday : 10 am - 5:30 pm

Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm

Sunday: 11 am - 5 pm

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September 17

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Call Us To Get Your Fall Lesson Spot With Your Favorite Teacher or Try A New Teacher. We Have Lots Of Talent Here At Danman's.

Danman's Music School offers Music Lessons for Kids and Adults on the following Instruments:  Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar, Drums, Flute, Clarinet, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Saxophone, Voice-Singing, Violin, Cello, Viola, Harmonica and more!

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10 Reasons Why Danman's is the right choice for music lessons for you or your child... 


1. Danman's specializes in music lessons and has been a designated Music School for over 20 years!  


2. Danman's has over 20 different music teachers on staff and has the widest range of lesson times available - Open 7 days a week!


3. Danman's has a proven track record and history of successful teaching curriculum.  Online music library included for all students and 2-4-1 Saturdays too!


4. Danman's includes a Recital Program with all our lesson programs and hosts 6 recitals per year.  Free to all students!


5. Danman's offers lessons in all styles of music and with over 20 teachers on staff has the right teacher for you or your child - Classical, Pop, Blues, Rock, Contemporary, and Jazz!


6. Danman's is convienently located in the heart of Dana Point and EASY parking and drop-off and pick-up.  


7.  Danman's is located on the same premisis as the StillWater Restaurant which includes an outdoor patio/bar for easy waiting!  


8.  Danman's allows you to see your full accounting and lessons history & schedule online plus allows you to book and pay online too!  


9.  Danman's offers a comfortable yet profesional learning environment with 7 sound proofed teaching studios, 88 key piano/keyboards in every room and a friendly staff!  


10.  Danman's is owned and operated by its original founder, Dan Lefler, a music industry veteran with over 30 years experience and with 10 published music CD's to market!



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Danman's is also a Full Service Music Store open to the public with Sales and Rentals of most instruments!

Plus 20 different music teachers to choose from - 16 Years Same Location - Owned & Operated by Dan lefler




Guitar Lessons


Piano Lessons


Drum Lessons


Bass Guitar Lessons


Classical Guitar Lessons


Violin Lessons


Flute Lessons


Ukulele Lessons


Banjo Lessons


Clarinet Lessons


Singing Lessons


Voice Lessons


Vocal lessons



Learn Guitar


Learn Piano


Learn Drums


Learn Bass Guitar


Learn Classical Guitar


Learn Violin


Learn Flute


Learn Ukulele


Learn Banjo


Learn Clarinet


Learn to Sing


Learn Voice


Learn Vocal Technique


Learn Music Theory


Learn To Read Music


Learn To Play By Ear


Learn To Improvise



Instrument Repair


Guitar Repair


Violin Repair


Flute Repair


Ukulele Repair


Bass Guitar Repair









Rent a Guitar


Rent a Keyboard


Rent a Violin


Rent a Flute


Rent a Clarinet


Rent a Saxophone


Rent a PA System


Rent a Mixing Board


Rent a Sound guy


Rent Sound Eqipment


Rent a Musician!


Rent Music Gear!



Guitar Teacher


Piano Teacher


Drum Teacher


Bass Guitar Teacher


Classical Guitar Teacher


Violin Teacher


Flute Teacher


Ukulele Teacher


Banjo Teacher


Clarinet Teacher


Singing Teacher


Voice Teacher


Vocal Teacher


Dan Lefler

Alicia Williams

Grace Freeman


Jesse Conlee

Justine Ruiz

Michael Lucas

Sye Sharp






Instrument Sales


Guitars For Sale


Flutes for Sale


Violins for Sale


Clarinets for Sale


Keyboards for Sale


Trumpets for Sale


Saxpphones for Sale


Ukuleles  for Sale


Drum Sticks for Sale


Harmonicas for Sale


Recorders for Sale


Chord Charts for Sale



Accessories Sales


Guitar Strings


Bass Strings


Violin Strings


Ukulele Strings


Banjo Strings


Viola Strings


Cello Strings


Piano Sheet Music


Guitar Sheet Music


Violin sheet Music


Flute Sheet Music


Chord Charts for Sale


Guitar Capo for sale


Ukulele Capo for sale


Violin Mute for sale


Guitar Pics for sale


Music Stand for sale


Mic Stand for sale


Microphone for sale


Guitar stand for sale



Instrument Repair


Rent a Guitar


Rent a Keyboard


Rent a Violin


Rent a Flute


Rent a Clarinet


Rent a Saxophone


Rent a PA System


Rent a Mixing Board


Rent a Sound guy


Rent Sound Eqipment


Rent a Musician!


Rent Music Gear!

Call Us: 1-949-496-6556   /   dan@danmans.com   /   24699 Del Prado, Dana Point, Ca. 92629

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