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Music Lessons with Rachel Perry

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Violin

Employment: Danman's music school since 2010

Instrument: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Voice

Teaching experience: 8 years

Performing experience: Been performing regularly with bands since I was 13. About 500+ performances so far.

Recording exp: 1 official album released with Sailors of Neptune, plus many demos and EPs

Areas of expertise: Performance, theory, recording/production, advanced electric guitar technique and classical/flamenco guitar technique.

Styles of music: Rock, pop, classical, jazz, etc.

Short term goal: Complete bachelor's degree in music composition.

Long term goal: Become a self-sufficient performing artist and music producer.

Madilynn Tardiff performs "He's A Pirate" on violin with her teacher Rachel Perry at a Danman Kids Concert.

To inquire about lessons with Rachel, fill out the form below and you will be contacted shortly.  For immediate service, call 949-496-6556

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Lucy Currier performs "Ode To Joy" on piano with her teacher Rachel Perry.

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