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Music Lessons

with Cara Onofrio

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Voice


Employed at Danman’s since February 2023


Instruments- piano, electric/ acoustic guitar, bass, ukulele, voice 



Teaching experience- this is my first time teaching music but I have had many years of classical voice training and piano lessons, as well as working with performance and stage presence coaches! I am confident that I have all the best tools to teach and that my experience as an artist in the music industry will be really helpful to my students along side my natural love ans knowledge of music! 


Performing experience- by the age of 13, I toured all over the United States with a group of kids my age. More recently have played all over in Los Angeles as well as the Dreams festival in Canada and the best day of my life was playing for a crowd of 80,000 at Lollapalooza in Chicago in 2019


Recording experience- I have been working in professional recording studios since I was 13 and have one in my house where I produce and record most of my original music -including my first certified gold/ platinum record! 


Areas of expertise- I’d say my expertise is in songwriting and production. I’m self taught but I believe music is a true expression of the soul and I love helping people become super comfortable and confident with who they are and just telling their story through music. It is so healing when you’re unafraid to take risks and just convey pure emotion. 


Music style- pop / rock/ alternative/country / hip hop (production) 


Short term goals- I just produced my debut album and have been offered a record deal so the next step is getting it out to the world!. My first single is coming out in March and I’m very excited. I’m also really excited to start teaching. I think I’ll be able to help my students find their voice / fall in love with music in a way that is specific to their individual style and personality! 

Cara Onofrio

Cara Onofrio

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To inquire about lessons with Cara call 949-496-6556

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